bol cu zmeura
Answer: K-I-L-N

Dear ones, I’m getting a kiln, my very first, very personal, very own kiln. And by “getting” I mean I was gifted a kiln. I am receiving a second hand and a bit sickly little kiln in need of a new home and a bit of TLC. Once more for the ones who opened the TVs later: I. am. about. to. receive. a. kiln. Mind stopping, isn’t it? Not a book about pottery. Not a woolen sweater. Not a tap on the back and a welcome word of encouragement. An actual kiln which traveled from the UK (yes, my kiln will have a British accent), arrived in Transylvania a couple of days ago and will be delivered in my longing arms tomorrow.

I have no idea if the kiln actually works (it probably needs to be reconditioned), or if it can be mended (I hope it can). But the thought of it: a couple of very fine people found it fit to offer me an actual kiln! How amazing generosity is, wouldn’t you say? Generosity is nothing short of a miracle, that’s what I say.

Thank you so much, Jeremy! Mulțumesc mult, Laura și Cristi!

I will keep you updated.



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