Uno: I GOT THE KILN. I. GOT. THE. KILN. I did. Cosmin’s working his electrician magic on it to breathe new life into it (new digital controller etc.), I still need to order a stack of kiln shelves for it, but I am confident it WILL work and it will do so in my future very own STUDIO. And I’m not even sorry for all the caps I’m throwing at you. I don’t know when exactly it will actually all be ready, but I know it will happen. Jeremy, Laura, Cristi, a buzzilion heartfelt thanks.

Isn’t this the hottest thing you’ve ever laid your eyes on? And it even has my name on it.

Dos. I’ve been to Bucharest and back, for a two-day arts & crafts fair organized by Breslo, a Romanian platform similar to Etsy. Here’s a video about it. I carried the whole damn Nistora Ceramics in a backpack, traveled by train, missed Cosmin, got to sleep in an awesome house, enjoyed a couple of beers and much needed catch-ups with old friends, installed my display at the fair, noticed that kitsch is still thriving in the Romanian handmade. BUT I also met some truly great artisans. I particularly loved meeting these three ladies that are so beautifully different from one another, but who have in common the capacity of creating prettiness out of anything they are given. In the order I got to meet them at the fair in Bucharest, they are: the grounded and classy jeweler Cristina Masnitz, the colorful and refreshing Raluca Țincă, who makes Little.houses, and the delicate and simultaneously sharp Iuliana Grigoriu, the maker of Joulery. You are awesome, ladies, I’m glad I met you and I’m glad you’re doing what you’re doing.

Show me watcha got

And tres. I’m back from my little Easter vacation and I’m back with a vengeance, namely I’m preparing a massive spring sale! Stay tuned in the next couple of days and have your people talk to my people.

… steady …



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