Bucharest happened – and it was so fine. (A few photos here.) I enjoyed even the blizzard.

Then a couple of days back home and a new gig, the “I <3 Vintage & Handmade" Fair in TimiÈ™oara, in the spring-like weekend of 13-14 February. Which was also fine. In the sense that: 1. I liked having friends and acquaintances come over to my stand, and see their various reactions: some happy for this turn of events in my life, others (more the acquaintances than the friends) a tad reserved, i.e. feeling awkward that “I have ended up as a seller” :). But more about the latter issue in a separate blog post, because it’s a juicy one.

2. I learned a little bit about commerce on this occasion as well. I learned that most people’s eyes will just wash over your stand – and that is fine, not everyone’s into handmade ceramics. I learned that most people have no knowledge about the amount of work and time invested in each piece they see – and that is natural, but a little less fine, for me at least. I learned, or actually I became certain, that the positioning of your stand is crucial, no matter how pretty your merchandise.

3. I noticed kitsch is still alive & kicking. And I know that taste is subjective. And I presume that my ceramics are borderline kitschy as well to some. Yet I know genuine kitsch when I see it, that’s the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God. BUT: it is counterbalanced by lovely fresh artists on the rise, who are willing to walk that extra mile and take part in local handmade fairs along with the makers of tacky stuff, thus educating the taste of the buyers. There were a couple of them at this fair as well. By the way, a shout-out to Abru Shop, you’re a fine fellow and a great creator, keep up!

4. I loved having kids at my stand! They’re so candid and tactile! Yes, kid, you are allowed to touch ceramics, don’t listen to mamma. Ceramics are friendly and call for touch, and kids still react to this call, unlike their parents.

Some photos now. (source)

I have no idea what the Hunchback of Notre Dame in a red shirt was doing at my stand. Yup, that’s me. (Note to self: re-watch Downton Abbey and take notes on proper posture.)

Playful geometries

Colorful hearts at the Abru Shop stand.

Homemade jams.

A view over my village, once more.

It’s all a labour of love. Fact.



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